meg + jake
FAVE Studios strives to tell stories in a creative and cinematic fashion. Meg and Jake were one of the first couples we've worked with in the wedding industry. The reaction from the couple themselves, and all their friends or family, truly speaks to our success of delivering their love story on digital film. (All music was used as per request of the couple and not intended for commercial sale)
meg + jake
What a wonderful, energetic, and very cool couple to be around! The first impression of Meg and Jake tells you everything you need to know about these two -- they are completely in love with each other.

Meg has found her copilot, and Jake has found his sous chef. Though the world around them may not be perfect, one thing is for certain, these two are perfect for each other!

Meg and Jake held their beautiful and intimate wedding at the Bethesda Fountain Central Park in New York City. FAVE Studios is very happy to have helped tell their love story.

It's an engagement story you can't stop watching over and over again!
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